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At Bredfin, we believe in giving back. ​The #bredfin4good initiative is our way of making a difference by supporting causes, charities and people that are close to our hearts.


Red Cross Children's Hospital

The Children’s Hospital Trust is a nonprofit organisation that raises funds to support the advancement of child healthcare across the Western Cape and the Continent.

Gideon Bosman, clients, friends & family made contributions towards the new Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, raising funds by running the Comrades.

Red Cross has a special place within Bredfin, as it is a charity close to Gideon Bosman's heart.


We also have a lot of our doctor clients who are practicing / training at Red Cross.

Visit the Red Cross Children's Hospital Website

Symphoney Trust

Symphoney acts as a catalyst for businesses and individuals with a heart to give. Symphoney does this through regulatory and governance structures around charitable giving, channelling funds to education initiatives initiated or supported by individuals and businesses.


They are inspired by our Christian faith and dream of networks of friends using Symphoney to house and showcase the initiatives they start and support.

Visit the Symphoney Trust Website

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Delft Early Childhood Development Project

The Delft Early Childhood Development Project is a community development project that teaches and trains workers/caregivers with skills and knowledge needed to help lay a foundation for young children in the township of Delft.

Visit the Delft Early Childhood Development Project Website

Kin Culture

At Kin Culture, family is central to everything they do.


Family is the answer to our nation’s orphan crisis and our many vulnerable children. Finding new families is often the only hope they have of a better future. As such, their mission is to build and support a community of loving, generous families to provide homes for vulnerable children.


Together we can change the trajectory of a child's life forever.

Visit the Kin Culture Website


Namakwaland Project

Namaqualand is an area prone to droughts and has been declared a disaster area several times in the last few years.


The farmers are overwhelmed but the kindness of people has always lifted their spirits.


Bredfin regularly makes contributions towards the women in the Namaqualand community by giving them self-care boxes, which is something most women would love.

Image by Matthys Pienaar

Paarl School Development Foundation

Paarl School's aim is to fully develop the potential of learners at Paarl School and as a resource centre to serve the broader community of learners with physical and specific learning-disabilities.

The school follows a multidisciplinary approach that includes academic input; physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical care, social services, and psychological support.

Visit the Paarl School Website

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Charity Begins at Home

Like they say, charity begins at home.


Noza was our Bredfin Office Cleaning and Hygiene Provider.


Over the last few years, we helped build her house in Khayelitsha to provide a safe space for her and her family. A home changes everything. Shelter and food are the basic needs of every human being.


Bredfin makes regular contributions towards our Cleaning and Hygiene Providers.

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