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Not Your Dad's Adviser

At Bredfin, we help clients to be smarter with their money through goal-based planning. We're independent advisers who are serious about your financial success. We assist our clients with all things money, including investment planning, life assurance planning, medical aid advice and short term insurance.

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Bredfin is an Authorized Financial Services Provider. FSP No. 4561

Bredfin Cape Town

Paul CFP®

Founder / Independent Financial Adviser
PGDip Financial Planning (USB)

Brag Bit: Founder and director of Bredfin. I started my career at Liberty Life and realized that the best advice is independent advice and then Bredfin was born. 

If I didn't do this I would be: Sitting on the beach in Thailand enjoying the sun.


Gideon CFP®

Managing Director / Independent Financial Adviser 
BCom (Management Accounting) (US), PGDip Financial Planning (USB)

Brag Bit: I started my "investment career" as a child buying and selling shares with my Dad. Now many years later I love the journey of helping clients invest to reach their personal financial goals. Having an accounting/tax degree background adds huge value when structuring investment portfolios.  

If I didn't do this I would be: Own a running speciality store and traveling the world.



Independent Financial Adviser 
Certificate in Financial Planning (Milpark) 

Brag Bit: My compassion and empathy led me to start a career in financial planning. My aim is to be part of my client's life, so I can help you with financial planning holistically. I start with your needs and dreams and by working together you can see the results.

If I didn't do this I would be: I would be traveling with different people to different parts of the country and world.


Anika CA, CFP®

Independent Financial Adviser 

BBusSci (UCT), HDAcc (Wits), PGDip Financial Planning (Mlprk)

Brag Bit: I am very analytical and have a spreadsheet for just about any aspect of financial planning. Tax planning is one of my favourite ways to ensure clients get the most out of their investments.

If I didn't do this I would be: Busy with a million other things - I can't sit still for long.



Health Adviser 


Brag Bit: I gained my knowledge in the medical aid industry working as a consultant for Discovery Health and Profmed, but realised the most value I could add was working as an independent medical aid adviser and giving clients the best product to suit their needs. I pride myself in specializing in the products that I offer. I love helping people and making a difference! 

If I didn't do this I would be: A full-time soccer mom.



Health Adviser 

NQF 5 (Milplark Financial Planning)

Brag Bit: I actually wanted to become a lawyer, but being a Medical Adviser, absolutely fulfils my dream job. I am passionate about helping and fighting for my clients to sort out any problems and finding them the best product to suit their needs. Because of my background, working in a Surgeons practice, before stepping into the world of Advising, I have gained the skills and ability to understand what I do and can apply my knowledge in my work.

If I didn't do this I would be: Housewife, part time Modern Dance Teacher.


Bredfin East London


Independent Financial Adviser

Diploma in Financial Accounting (ICB)

Brag Bit: I have a unique understanding and respect for the modern professional that stems from my courtship and marriage to a Medical doctor. I pride myself on building long-term relationships with my clients and equipping them for a financially secure future. I believe that financial wellness is an important component of overall health. 

If I didn't do this I would be: Working on my golf swing to play pro.


Bredfin Gauteng


Independent Financial Adviser 

B.Eng (Industrial) (US); B.Comm (Hons UNISA)  MBA (De Montfort UK); Postgraduate Diploma (Financial Planning - Milpark)

Brag Bit: I'm the proud representative of Bredfin Consulting in Gauteng since 2017. I'm honoured to be associated with a team representing the ethical and human values and ethos of Bredfin Consulting.

If I didn't do this I would be: Travelling a lot more to the interesting, less-explored parts of our beautiful country.


Bredfin Insure



Managing Director — Bredfin Insure

N.Dip (M+) NQF 4 (UNISA)

Brag Bit: So I've long reached double digits in years doing insurance...sadly this gives away my age, but the experience gained is invaluable and to the benefit of my clients and personnel. I may have been accused of being over cautious, but I wear those stripes as a proud representative of a prudent insurance advisor.   

If I didn't do this I would be: Somewhere tropical, by the sea, spending most of my time on beaches and swimming with any aquatic animal that would allow me.... and possibly trying to insure someone's property, just to make a buck for a cocktail in the evenings while looking at sunsets.


Short Term Insurance Adviser 


Brag Bit: I am a very passionate person and will always put my heart into my work and projects that I'm involved in. Development of individuals is very close to my heart and if I can contribute towards the individual's success, it provides food for my soul. My strong point is to generate energy and get things going, striving to "wow" you with my client service! 

If I didn't do this I would be: Somewhere involved with Wildlife, especially protection of the Cat species (Lions Cheetahs, Leopards).



Short Term Insurance Adviser 


Brag Bit: I have been helping clients with their short-term insurance needs for over 15 years, starting in long term insurance but finding my passion in the short-term sector. There is a certain happy place you reach when you are able to assist a client in a particular difficult situation where you are able to turn their mountains into mole hills by using your expertise, professional relationships and good old savvy... I once picked up that a client had his home insured with 2 companies for years before I came along, with a bit of leg work and motivation, I was able to have the client refunded with over R 70,000.


If I didn't do this I would be: I would be the female version of Aqua man... I mean imagine being able to breathe under water, and control sea animals while taking names in the war against evil... in an awesome outfit...

The Bredfin Family

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